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Subject: Using the EBNF module for space-structured languages


I have recently started using DocBook to write a book on the programming
language Occam-Pi, and would like to use the EBNF module (or something
similar to it) to include the language syntax and grammar. However,
is a problem: Occam-Pi is a space-structured language, (in the same way
as Python and occam from which Occam-Pi is derived. How can I define
EBNF grammars for it in DocBook?

For a prior example of a grammar for occam, see page 11 of the occam 2.1
manual, found at http://www.wotug.org/occam/documentation/oc21refman.pdf

An example code snippet:

    a := 10
    SEQ i = 0 FOR a STEP 2

Ruth Ivimey-Cook <ruth@ivimey.org>

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