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Subject: RE: [docbook] PDF Transformation and Tables


Bob Stayton wrote:
> Could you supply some more details of what you mean by 
> truncated?  And perhaps provide a sample of a table that 
> exhibits the behavior?

I think I'm seeing the same problem. I set up a new book using the example book
xml from the docbook website (the files t-book.xml, t-chap01.xml et al.) These
include in the preface section a table that contains examples of the different
type styles used in the document. For me, the table when rendered as pdf (using
"xmlto pdf t-book.xml") always renders this table as if the table width was
constrained to about 50% of the page width. Setting the attribute on the table
that says "use full page width" has no effect on this.

Any thoughts. I can supply the table, but it looks very standard to me. System
is Linux FC3, DocBook v4.3.



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