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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: DocBook Annotations

Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:

> of using an attribute. I do see what you mean w.r.t i18n problems, so would it
> be possible to do something lilke:
> <para>
> The <annot id="88">ISBN<annot> of a book is it's specific identifying number.
> The <annot alt="International Standard Sequence Number">ISSN</annot> of a book
> is the series of books to which it belongs.
> <para>
> <annotdef id="88"><para>International Standard Book Number<para></annotdef>
> So you can either use an idref to reference the definition, if you need a full
> element, or you can use an attribute, should the text constraints of the
> definition be simple enough (i.e. no tags, simple character set.)

Your proposal is able to connect annotation only with text, not with 
some element like abbrev -- this is the main problem of whole annotation 
issue. How to markup relation between annotation and its target? There 
were a lot of proposals and discussions in past on public:


and also on DocBook TC teleconferences. I don't think that current 
annotation proposal is perfect from all aspects, but it is the best from 
all alternatives that were presented up to this day.


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