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Subject: Adding a table element to DocBook 4.3

Hello -

I'm new to Docbook, and am trying to add an element for a borderless
table <tableBorderless>.  I've created the following customization
layer, and it seems to work correctly.  However, before proceeding
further, I'm hoping one of you can tell me whether I did this correctly?
(I'm a bit nervous about whether what I'm doing will break something
else).  Thanks!

<!ENTITY  % local.formal.class "|tableBorderless">
<!ENTITY % DocBookDTD  PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.3//EN"

<!ELEMENT tableBorderless %ho; (%tbl.table.mdl;)>

<!ATTLIST tableBorderless
     frame           CDATA   #FIXED "none"
       colsep         CDATA   #FIXED "0"
        rowsep        CDATA  #FIXED "0"

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