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docbook message

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Subject: DocBook Fink report

Feeling brave, I installed Fink (a package management system for
Mac OS X) and tried to follow the instructions on


Here are my results:

   docbook-bundle  - installed OK
   docbook-utils   - installed OK
   psgml           - couldn't find it!!!
   openjade        - already installed
   opensp3         - installed OK
   jadetex         - already installed

   libxslt         - installed OK
   libxml2         - installed OK

Googling around, the only "psgml" that looks relevant is
http://sourceforge.net/projects/psgml, an Emacs mode for
SGML and XML.  I don't use Emacs, so this isn't likely to
be an issue.

Moving right along, I started working my way through

   "Writing Documentation Using DocBook: A Crash Course"

Section 2.3 told me to run

   $ docbook2html myfile.docbook

Sadly no such command was on my path.  After trying Fink's
"pathsetup.app", I simply edited my ~/.cshrc file to include
the command "source /sw/bin/init.csh".  This put /sw/[s]bin
in my $PATH.  However, docbook2html was still unavailable.

So, I'm stuck.  Help?

email: rdm@cfcl.com; phone: +1 650-873-7841
http://www.cfcl.com        - Canta Forda Computer Laboratory
http://www.cfcl.com/Meta   - The FreeBSD Browser, Meta Project, etc.

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