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Subject: imagedata viewport and scalefit=0


TDG is not clear about how to handle an imagedata having a viewport area  
specification, no content area specification, scalefit=0, and I would like  
to be sure that I understand correctly what the expected behaviour is.

At the end of the imagedata "Scaling" section, it is said:

"If a viewport area is specified (and neither a content area nor scaling  
is specified) and scalefit is explicitly “0”, the viewport area  
specification must be ignored."

Does the sentence "the viewport area [...] must be ignored" mean that the  
image size is still its intrinsic size (and the viewport tells the space  
to reserve around)? Or does it mean that the viewport specification should  
be completely suppressed?

For me, the first interpretation is the right one when reading the  
examples section where it is said:

"If a viewport area is specified, the image is rendered in a content area  
that is the same as its intrinsic size in the specified viewport area:

<imagedata fileref="image.png" width="6in" depth="5.5in" scalefit="0"/>"

Thanks for your explanations,

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