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Subject: Re: [docbook] links within classsynopsis?

On Nov 9, 2005, at 10:29 PM, Michael Smith wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> [Cc'ing the docbook list so we can keep the discussion there.]

Thanks.  I had meant to reply to the list, but apparently I hit the  
wrong button.
>> Thanks.  The ENTITY trick works, with the cvs version of synop.xml.
>> Emacs's xml mode doesn't like it when I try to put a <link> inside a
>> <methodname>,
> Which mode is that, exactly? If you type "C-h m", what does it say?

Actually, restarting emacs was all that I needed.  I thought that  
simply closing and reopening the file would force it to reload the  
dtd, but I was wrong.   I apologize for not letting you know that I  
had solved the problem before you wrote your reply, but yesterday was  
just one of those days...  The nXML info is helpful in any case.


> It if says "nXML mode: Major mode for editing XML.", then it is
> actually doing validation using an RELAX NG grammar for DocBook,
> and not a DTD. And it doesn't consider the internal DTD subset in
> the DOCTYPE in your doc instances at all when doing validation.
> But if it says "XML mode: Major mode for editing XML, specialized
> from SGML mode. Sets various variables appropriately for XML.",
> then it is the "other" Emacs XML/SGML mode -- PSGML (which is
> with the actually mode name being "xml-mode" and/or "sgml-mode"
> and/or "psgml-mode", depending on how it's configured on your
> system). That mode does in fact read the internal subset and
> should not complain about the <link>.
> You can toggle between the modes by doing "M-x nxml-mode" and
> "M-x xml-mode" (or maybe "M-x sgml-mode" or "M-x psgml-mode"). If
> you are PSGML, you should be able to validate your doc using
> PSGML's internal parser by doing "C-c C-p" (sgml-load-doctype) and
> then "C-c C-o" (sgml-next-trouble-spot).
>> but I can live with that, or learn about DTD  customization
>> layers.
> I think rather than that, you are better off using nXML (as you
> seem to be, if you're getting that <link> instance flagged as an
> error), and creating a RELAX NG customization layer.
> You can do that in a couple of steps.
> 1. In nxml-mode, do "C-c C-s C-w" (rng-what-schema). That will
>    give you the pathname on your system to the file (docbook.rnc
>    file) that nXML is using to validate your DocBook documents. On
>    my Debian system, that file gets installed in:
>      /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/nxml-mode/schema/docbook.rnc
> 2. Create a file named "custom.rnc" (or whatever) and put the
>    following into it.
>      include "/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/nxml-mode/schema/ 
> docbook.rnc" {
>         local.smallcptr.char.mix = link
>      }
> 3. To validate your documents, do "C-c C-s C-f"
>    (rng-set-schema-file-and-validate) and type or paste in the
>    pathname to your "custom.rnc" file.
>    To have your custom.rnc file always used automatically instead
>    of the standard docbook.rnc file, you need to either edit the
>    system "schemas.xml" file, or create a custom one and configure
>    nXML to use that. In Debian, the system schemas.xml file is in:
>      /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/nxml-mode/schema/schemas.xml
>    You would need to change the  <typeId id="DocBook"... line to:
>      <typeId id="DocBook" uri="~/custom.rnc"/>
>    Or whatever the path to you custom.rnc file actually is.
> Hope that helps,
>   --Mike
> -- 
> Michael Smith
> http://sideshowbarker.net/

-- EMail: stephen.langer@nist.gov                    Phone: (301)  
975-5423 --
-- WWW:  http://math.nist.gov/mcsd/Staff/SLanger/    Fax:   (301)  
990-4127 --
-- Mail: NIST; 100 Bureau Drive -- Stop 8910; Gaithersburg, Md   
20899-8910 --

-- "I don't think this will work.  That's why it's  
science."               --
--                                      Naomi Langer,  17 Feb  
2003         --

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