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Subject: CALS table attribute inheritance questions

I sent this out two weeks ago, but never received any replies, so I'm
trying again.  Sorry to be a pest, but I need an answer to these questions
before I can continue with my work.  If there's something I wrote that
didn't make sense, let me know and I will try to clarify.  Thanks,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Hello, I have some questions about inheritance issues for attributes in
CALS tables that aren't very clear to me from the spec I've been using
(http://www.oasis-open.org/specs/a502.htm) or other sources I have seen on
the 'net.  Let's say I have the following table:

  <tgroup align="center" cols="3">
    <colspec colname="c1" colsep="0" />
    <colspec colname="c2" align="right" />
    <colspec colname="c3" align="right" />
      <row rowsep="0">
        <entrytbl cols="2" colname="c1">
              <entry> A.1 </entry>
              <entry> A.2 </entry>
              <entry> A.3 </entry>
              <entry> A.4 </entry>
        <entry colname="c2"> B </entry>
        <entry> C </entry>

My first question is whether the "A.x" entries should inherit the
rowsep="0" (from their common <row> ancestor), the colsep="0" (from the
<colspec> referenced in the <entrytbl>), and the align="center" (from
their <tgroup> ancestor)? In other words, do such attributes "reset" at
the <entrytbl> level, or do they continue being inherited all the way up?
If they "reset", would the "A.x" entries inherit any attributes defined in

My second question is whether the content in the "C" <entry> aligns to the
right, as defined by the third <colspec>, even though its <entry> doesn't
specifically reference the third <colspec> via a colname attribute (as was
done in the "B" <entry> with the second <colspec>)?

I would really appreciate any clarification on these issues.  Thanks!


Maxwell M. Starkenburg

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