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Subject: Re: [docbook] http://docbook.sourceforge.net/ problem

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 19:47 +0900, Michael(tm) Smith wrote:

> > Much in the same way as dynamic gifs and running status lines were 
> > fashionable in mid-nineties, JavaScript and interface effects are 
> > popular now just because it finally almost works and designers are 
> > hungry to use all of it in every next page.
> And who are those designers creating those kinds of pages for? Do
> you really think they are just doing it because they want to play
> around with the latest technology?
> I would expect that in some cases at least, they are using that
> stuff because they find that their users like it, and because
> their users tell them they want more of it, not less.

I've never seen any evidence for that Michael. 
It certainly isn't the view expressed by such as Nielson,
often cited as knowledgeable in this field.

I guess we are getting off topic for a docbook list,
so I'll shut up.

regards DaveP

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