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Subject: Re: making macros

>>>>> Chuck Robey <chuckr@chuckr.org>:

> ...  My goal was, I thought, to create a set of macros implemented
> in something like xsltproc, allowing me to create a set of vim
> macros so i could write docbook text (I have several topics ready
> for me) in my chosen editor.

The DocBook wiki pointed me to this one:

I haven't tried it myself since I'm an emacs user (I still use the
good old nsgml, though.  As long as it works for me I haven't felt the
need to take the step to nxml).

You might find other editors in the wiki of interest:

The important part is to find an editor that understands the
DTD/schema, and adapts to it.  Then the editor will tell you what tags
are legal at any given point, what children and attributes are
required, etc.

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