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Subject: Re: [docbook] Re: making macros

Steinar Bang wrote:
Chuck Robey <chuckr@chuckr.org>:

...  My goal was, I thought, to create a set of macros implemented
in something like xsltproc, allowing me to create a set of vim
macros so i could write docbook text (I have several topics ready
for me) in my chosen editor.

The DocBook wiki pointed me to this one:

I haven't tried it myself since I'm an emacs user (I still use the
good old nsgml, though.  As long as it works for me I haven't felt the
need to take the step to nxml).

You might find other editors in the wiki of interest:

The important part is to find an editor that understands the
DTD/schema, and adapts to it.  Then the editor will tell you what tags
are legal at any given point, what children and attributes are
required, etc.
OK, with all the good info I have now, I am giving up my goal of writing a set of docbook-macros as (take your pick, here) either impractical, already done, or not really needed in light of the simple versions already existing.

I have a good vim setuup working for editing.  Installed, working.

I have listened to the marketing info, and decided that the data on docbook-5.x was very persuasive, and it convinced me.  Unfortunately, I have  a Mac fink system here (I'm a dyed in the blue core Unix fan) with the Gnome Docbook tools, using docbook version 4.2, and I can't yet locate any info on how to install the docbook 5.(whatever I choose, haven't picked yet) without goofing up the existing Gnome installation.

So, I need better install pointers than I've found so far, and not ones that tell me how to write it, you folks have been fantastic at supplying that.

BTW, and I won't bore you with it, but a computer system that begins with the Mac, adds fink and X11 and Gnome, is a technical user's wet dream.  If any of you nice folks want such a system tell me you're from this list, and consider your bill totally paid-in-full.  I would be overjoyed to give you help.  Don't spread that past this list please.  Really.

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