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Subject: conflicting attribute


I am trying to put together a RELAX NG schema with a namespace other 
than docbook which uses much of docbook.  In doing so I am getting 
'conflicting ID-types for attribute "linkend" of element "wopholLink" 
from namespace "http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/schema/sse'.

I can't work out why the conflict.  I also had a problem with ID type in 
another attribute.  Jing points me to " <define name="db._any"> 
<element>" within the docbook.rng file. 

Any ideas?  I tried excluding my namespace from the db._any without 
success.  Not sure if this is a red herring...

Any help appreciated.


Here are the relevant bits from the schema

<grammar ns="http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/schema/sse";

  <include href="../docbook5xi_config/docbookxi.rng">
      <ref name="element-scottsDoc"/>

       <define name="db.publishing.inlines">

        ....some commenting out of some inlines
          <ref name="wopholLinkxx"/>

        <ref name="db.glossary.inlines" />
        <ref name="db.coref" />


  <define name="element-scottsDoc">
    <element name="scottsDoc">
      <ref name="projectMemberType" />
        <ref name="element-introduction" />

  <define name="element-introduction">
    <element name="introduction">
          <ref name="db.section" />
          <ref name="db.para" />

  <define name="projectMemberType">

  <define name="wopholLinkxx">
    <element name="wopholLink">
      <ref name="db.linkend.attribute"/>


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