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Subject: Re: [docbook] docbook5 and adding elements (long)

Kells Kearney wrote:

>> > Have you seen the DocBook 5.0 Transition Guide?  It has examples:
>> >
>> > http://www.docbook.org/docs/howto/
>   I had read this before, but it doesn't actually show the basic
> mechanics so that I can just use it.  For instance,
>  * What programs are used to convert between the compact syntax and
> XML syntax? Thanks to the links from Dick Hamilton I understand that
> James Clark's 'trang' is most often used, but I'd never know that from
> the Transition Guide.

Then you need to read up on Relax NG.

>  * How do you use the resulting RelaxNG XML file in a real-world XML
> document? I gather from Bob Stayton's reply that I should convert the
> RNG files (my customizations + the Docbook5 RNG) to a DTD.  I guess
> that means that I should just put a <!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "mynew.DTD">
> in the front of the document.  Does that mean that I then throw out
> the namespaces?

No. You can validate with a Schema.
Schema = dtd|W3C xsd | relax NG

'Jing' from James Clark allows you to validate an XML instance
against a schema (relax ng in this case)

>   I think that the previous example of asmbook (extending Docbook5
> with register and instruction elements) is really close, so with
> perhaps just a little bit of corrections and gap filling I'll have a
> good foundation to build up and test my understanding.  Would it be
> possible for someone to post the (hopefully small) corrections to that
> example?

Not without hand holding.

You go do the reading and come back with the questions.
I'm sure you'll get help.


Dave Pawson

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