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Subject: authoring organization|company

If I wanted an organization or company to be listed as an author, what
would be the best markup for that?

I currently have:

	<biblioentry xml:id="WRIMD">
			<orgname>Wolfram Research, Inc.</orgname>
		<title xl:href="http://www.wikipedia.org/";>Mathematica 5 Documentation</title>
		<address><otheraddr>Main Page: <link

but this is rendering as (without the company name):

[WRIMD] . Mathematica 5 Documentation. Copyright (c) 2003. Main Page:

I was searching the mailing list, but the key words I was using were
turning up lots of general questions about biblioentry, instead of my
specific issue. I also looked at the following pages, but haven't
figured it out, yet:



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