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Subject: Re: [docbook] Directory Tree Representations

Geraint North wrote:
> I often want to include example directory trees in my documentation.  
> I've extended Docbook 5 to add the obvious tags (directory, disk, file) 
> that can nest in the obvious way and include 'name' and 'description' 
> tags, and I've modified the XSL stylesheets to produce nice PDF/HTML 
> representations, like so:
> http://geraintnorth.com/docbook_directories.pdf
> This seems too generic and useful to keep to myself - is there a route 
> whereby these could be considered for inclusion in Docbook itself, or 
> some domain-specific subclass thereof? 

The (a?) complimentary piece of code to this, dirlist.py
generates some XML which *may* feed into this.

Not sure how an extension would work, but I'd be more
than willing to add the customization (if that's what it is)
to the docbook faq?

Did you extend the DTD/Schema to cope with this Geraint?

regards DaveP

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