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Subject: [docbook] No figure in rtf output

Instruisto Jose writes:
 > Hi all,
 > I'm using the script jw with xml input files in Debian 4.0.
 > The html outputs are ok, with all figures (gif, jpg).
 > But when I convert to rtf output:
 > jw -b rtf file.xml
 > or pdf output
 > jw -b pdf file.xml
 > there are no figures in output files.

I don't know whether your jw script performs some magic. If not,
you'll need some modifications to make print output work.

First of all, I assume that the jw script generates PDF output by
invoking pdfjadetex. As a matter of fact this tool requires images in
PDF format. Last time I checked it was not able to handle gif or jpg

The RTF output may be hampered by a problem of OpenOffice (which I
assume you're using on Debian). I noticed that OO Writer does not
handle images well which are included using a relative path. As I'm
not using images extensively, I resorted to manually include the
images in Writer using the existing image frames.

In order to get both HTML and PDF output right with the same document
sources, you'll have to apply a hack from the days of yore (unless I
missed some recent progress, that is). The DSSSL stylesheets provide a
variable %graphic-default-extension% which is applied to an image
filename whenever it does not carry one of the extensions listed in
%graphic-extensions% (see dbparam.dsl for further comments). Create
driver files for both the print and the html stylesheets and set
%graphic-default-extension% to "pdf" and to "jpg",
respectively. Specify the filenames in your document *without*
extensions, and provide versions of your images in both pdf and jpg
format using these extensions.


Markus Hoenicka
(Spam-protected email: replace the quadrupeds with "mhoenicka")

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