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Subject: downgrade to DB4

Hello DocBook community,

there is a XSLT stylesheet which turns a Docbook 4.x document into
5.0. Now I wonder whether there is also the equivalent important
stylesheet which downgrades a 5.0 document into 4.x?

Just discovered that my favorite tool to create a PDF document,
dblatex, does not handle 5.0 documents well.

In any case, I believe that it is much more important to have
stylesheet which downgrades than one which upgrades! My point is that
there a "lots" of tools/sheets out there which handle DB4 quite well.
So in order to promote DB5, it's essential that I can still translate
in my target representation.  That's best done (in my humble opinion)
by providing a downgrade sheet and I can still use whatever I'm using
for a DB4 document. Having this chain I can use DB5 without worrying.


Wolfgang Häfelinger
häfelinger IT - Applied Software Architecture
+31 648 27 61 59

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