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Subject: Re: [docbook] DocBook - a success story?

Am Dienstag, den 19.01.2010, 18:02 +0100 schrieb wolfgang haefelinger:

> 2. DocBook is probably also fine to create (X)HTML. I did not give it
> a try cause I consider generating HTML obsolete cause most web content
> is generated nowadays by using some simle markup languages

And (X)HTML is not a "simple markup language"? What is simpler than

> 3. Rendering my CV as man page would have been fun

That is a silly idea. Do you really know, what a manual page is and what
it looks like? I would really love to know, what would be in your NAME,
SYNOPSIS and OPTIONS sections. In AUTHORS you would put your parents and
in COPYRIGHT your wife? :)

> but it did not work
> cause I'm using the "wrong" docbook format (i.e. "article"). There a
> lot of tools which claim to render a DocBook source into a man page.
> They all only render a subset of DocBook only ..

Of course. Why do you expect that article == book == refentry? If all
would have the same meaning, we wouldn't need all of them. <refentry>
fits best to the manual page contents and its format.

> 4. I wrote my own "DocBook to Plain text" XSLT stylesheet in a couple
> of hours work.

JFTR: It's much easier to dump the output of a HTML/PD/PS browser/viewer
into a text file.

PS: You have already been pointed to the xmlresume software, which is
probably what you are looking for.

Regards, Daniel

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