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Subject: Re: [docbook] Acronym Expansion (was RE: [docbook-tc] DocBook Technical Committee Meeting Minutes: 15 December 2010)

Dnia piątek, 21 stycznia 2011 o 18:25:17 Rowland, Larry napisał(a):
> This does, however, place the burden on the author to make sure that any 
> expansion of the term provided in the glossary is consistent with that 
> provided in the body of the document.  I would likely use an entity for the 
> contents of the glossterm and the termdef in a 4.x document based on DTDs.  
> It becomes slightly more challenging in 5.0 unless the transclusion proposal 
> being discussed is implemented (adding a DTD just to get entities seems like 
> a kludge to me).

Note that some validating XML processors, e.g. MSXML, need special tweaking lest they reject documents with incomplete DTD.

Best regards,

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