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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Templates and/or docs for OpenOffice.org to DocBook?

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 4:45 PM, Bill Campbell <bill@celestial.com> wrote:
On Fri, Feb 04, 2011, Jeff Chimene wrote:
>On 02/04/2011 04:13 PM, Bill Campbell wrote:
>>> The current OO <==> Docbook interchange technique uses styles to
>>> indicate how to interchange OO text and Docbook. That isn't to say that
>>> using bookmarks is wrong, just that I haven't tried a stylesheet that
>>> uses that technique. As part of your OO installation, you should have a
>>> Docbook filter. That filter is tailored to Docbook 4, not 5.
>> I tried importing a manually created DB XML file into OO.  The original
>> document had an <author> section, which seems to have been translated into
>> OO field variables, one for surname, the surname was in a variable named
>> "authorinfo.author_0.surname=Spooner", but the firstname showed up in an
>> unnamed variable.
>That sounds like an imperfect import filter. Did you try the built-in
>Docbook filter?

Good question Jeff.

The one I used for my first test is the one that's bundled with
the Latest&Greatest version of NeoOffice, OpenOffice.org with a
native Mac interface.  I just tried importing the same file using
the current version of OpenOffice.org which has a slightly
different "docbooktosoffheadings.xsl" file, but it still had the
same variable names including the missing name for <firstname>.

I just did a "diff" on these files from NeoOffice and
OpenOffice.org, and the only changes were in the Copyright and
Revision header text.  There were no changes in the working part
of the files.

>> My current procedure is to process the docbook.xml file generated by OO
>> through a python script using elementtree to clean up the file.  One thing
>> that was causing serious DTD problems was that the informaltable header
>> entries had the text wrapped in <title> tags.
>> I have quite a few python scripts I've written over the years to do things
>> like de-Microsoft html files, removing all their font and style cruft to
>> produce clean html.  With a reasonable knowledge of regular expressions
>> this isn't too difficult.

>Python is interesting, but that's XSLT kind of processing.

I know python, but have only a rudimentary knowledge of XSLT now.
I've done a first-reading of a couple of books on it, but have
never done anything serious.

>Interesting you mention WP. That's the only WYSIWYG word processor I've
>seen that has the horsepower to handle importing/exporting markup languages.
>Anyway: do you want to round-trip these documents?

Not really.  I'll be happy to be able to do original typing in OO
or a variant, the use vim for the Real Work(tm).

FWIW, I've tried getting my head and fingers around emacs several
times in the last 20 years or so, but they seem terminally
infected with almost 30 years of vi(m) use.

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