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Subject: GSoC 2011 project idea

Hello Folks,

I'm interested in applying to SoC 2011 with a DocBook project and I 
would like to know your opinion about it.

My idea is to take the old and outdated DocBook Slides schema, provide a 
RELAX NG schema and then review and update it with the same 
revolutionary ideas that were introduced in DocBook 5.0, like XLink 
references, simplified markup, etc. This would make the schema simpler 
and easier to use and would reduce the gap between DocBook and DocBook 
Slides, permitting the use of the same toolset and share of common 
chunks by XInclude. Articles like a thesis or a scientific work are 
usually accompanied by a presentation and it would be very useful to be 
able to handle them with the same toolset and in the same manner.

What do you think about it?

This project was already accepted in 2010 but I got another accepted 
proposal and I chose the other one because I was more familiar with that 
project. But this time my priority is DocBook, so if you still consider 
this idea useful, please vote for me.

I've already talked to Stefan Seefeld and with his guidance, I've 
already added my idea to the ideas wiki page. I've also created my wiki 
page with a short introduction:


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