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Subject: license tag


I have used docbook since 2000, but not writing that many
books/articles, at least not yet.

A few years ago I had some problem expressing the licensing of the text
I was preparing and ended up writing a short example to docbook-apps.
It was not a viable solution.

2011 and I now needed to include a Creative Commons licensed image in
an article. I wanted to attribute the photographer properly.

I sat down and tried to write a simple proposal backed up with a small

I have expressed the idea of a license tag in this article :

It includes links to a Makefile, the RelaxNG rules, the html stylesheet,
xml source and the result :


The example highlights Creative Commons, but also other standard
license could be added.

Could this be an interesting addition to docbook ?
Comments and suggestions are welcome and if I can help improve
the suggestion I will. 

Thank you


Fredrik Unger

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