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Subject: Re: [docbook] Running heads in chapters, sections and sidebars

On 12/19/2011 07:28 AM, Lech Rzedzicki wrote:
> I hope that this is common enough scenario and that there is Docbook 
> markup or best practice that I am simply unaware of to capture 
> 'running heads' - that is recurring words, phrases, images,
> generally 'themes' that, in printed output usually appear somewhere
> at the top or with a different bacground and typically span the whole
> section or a chapter or a para.
> Some examples of this would be:
> in a book about environment, every few pages there is a section,
> each time with a different title, but with a recurring theme called
> "Human Impact"
> another example:
> in a DIY book there is a "PRO Tip" every now and then

If I understand you correctly, this is not what is usually called a
“running head” in English; as other replies have indicated, that refers
to text repeated in the headers of multiple pages.

I think that, depending on the size, you’re looking for an admonition or
a sidebar.  You could customize the schema to add a new class of
admonitions, or customize something like tip to be presented as a Pro
Tip.  If it’s longer text, a sidebar would be appropriate; there’s no
built-in facility for repeating titles, but you could use the role
attribute or some customization to reflect that usage pattern instead.

Chris Maden, text nerd  <URL: http://crism.maden.org/ >
“Be wary of great leaders.  Hope that there are many, many small
 leaders.” — Pete Seeger

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