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Subject: Ibids and op cits

Hello everyone

How do you tend to deal with "Ibid" and "op cit" references?

I'm inclined to add in the bare bones of the "missing" bibliographic item with @condition=hidden, as in the example below (not least so that it will make the generation of OpenURL links possible), but would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this as a solution or if there are other, preferred options:

<bibliomixed xml:id='ba-9781408164334-0004445' role="contribution" xreflabel="Emery"><bibliomset relation="part"><author><personname role="first-last"><surname>Emery</surname></personname></author>, '<title xml:id='ba-9781408164334-0000342'>Dario Fo's <emphasis role="italic">Trumpets and Raspberries</emphasis> and the Tradition of <emphasis role="italic">Commedia</emphasis></title>.'</bibliomset> In <bibliomset relation="book"><editor condition="hidden"><personname role="first-last"><firstname>Christopher</firstname> <surname>Cairns</surname></personname></editor> <title condition="hidden"><emphasis role="italic">The Commedia dell'Arte from the Renaissance to Dario Fo</emphasis></title><phrase condition="display">Cairns, <emphasis role="italic">ibid</emphasis></phrase>. <pagenums>330–4</pagenums></bibliomset></bibliomixed>

Thank you



Brad Scott
e: brad.scott@brambletye-publishing.co.uk
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bradscottuk


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