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I've invited Chip but were you suggesting Bill Kalin as a substitute for
Chip? Was Chip not interested?

The Only problem with Don Miller is funding issues?

Also if we do this "I would not have a separately designated "Question and
Answer" slot in the 9:00 session on October 20. (Each slot should have its
own Q&A.) The session should just end at 10:20." Isn't that a long break
with lunch right around the corner? 
What about 'tentatively' adding Renato at 10:20-10:40? I'll try to find
money from a sponsor (any ideas) to help him come?? His story is very
Dee Schur
Member Support

-----Original Message-----
From: Eliot Christian [mailto:echristian@usgs.gov] 
Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 8:41 AM
To: Dee Schur; 'Patrick Gannon'; richard.hill@itu.int; xiaoya.yang@itu.int;
'Carol Cosgrove-Sacks'; ejones@warningsystems.com; simao.campos@itu.int;

At 10:22 AM 8/4/2006, Dee Schur wrote:
>Please scrutinize closely as we have made many changes. Also, look at
>potential speakers at bottom. After your feedback, we will begin posting
>agenda with bios, photos and set titles.
>Please be prepared to formalize this schedule on our Tuesday call.

I would recommend to move Efraim Petel to the slot currently designated for
Admiral Lautenbacher, and change his organizational association to the
parent company, Hoermann Gmbh, which is German. In support of the
organizational change, here's a note from Efraim: 

At 09:37 PM 3/23/2006, Efraim Petel wrote:
>Hello Eliot,
>The idea is great. My contacts with Europe shows that they are behind in
>this aspect and having the venue there is the right step. [...]
>Our parent company, Hoermann Gmbh, would definetly join as well.
>With best regards,
>Efraim Petel
>Hormann America, Inc.

My thinking here is that this company has long experience in implementing
CAP and impressive examples of CAP implementations. His presentation would
be a nice transition from the relatively abstract keynote and policy
background material to the Interoperability Demonstrations that follow
immediately afterward.

Between 9:30 and 11:30 on October 19, I think we should have equal time (20
minutes) for each of the speaking slots (except that the Welcome has two
10-minute speakers, Houlin Zhou followed by Patrick Gannon). I think we can
also schedule just a 10 minute break here, noting that at his point, people
have only been sitting for 40 minutes, so the break need not be long. The
starting times would then be as follows: 9:30 (Zhou and Gannon), 9:50
(Hayes), 10:10 (break), 10:20 (Bergner), 10:40 (Jones or Rutkowski), 11:10
(Petel), 11:30 (Demonstrations).

You have Chip Hines listed for the session at 14:20 on October 19. I thought
that Chip had substituted Bill Kalin?
For the session at 14:40 on October 19, "Impact of CAP Deployment in
Communications Networks", I would recommend to use Declan Ganley of Rivada

Having no response from Patricio Bernal, I would suggest to have Dr. Carol
to be Chairman of the 9:00 session on October 20. I would also suggest to
have Don Miller substitute for IOC in this session. 

I would not have a separately designated "Question and Answer" slot in the
9:00 session on October 20. (Each slot should have its own Q&A.) The session
should just end at 10:20.

For the session starting at 14:00 on October 20, I would suggest that we
stick with 20 minutes per slot and not have an overall Q&A slot. If Petel
will have been moved to October 19, we would have four speaking slots so the
session would end at 15:20.



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