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Subject: [dsml] DSML V2 Ballots


I am sending this even though the draft 14 is not posted. I am assuming
Jeff will get it to me any minute. Draft 14 is the same as draft 13 with
the errata URL added, but I thought I needed to get the ballots to
everyone in case there was a problem.

I also have one of the three company statements. Please review the
ballots and vote if you can.


Dear Member of the OASIS Directory Service Technical Committee,

This email contains two ballots for the disposition of the current DSML
V2 Draft 14 Specification. Please return these ballots via email to me
by end of business Friday November 30th.

Ballot #1

I hereby agree to promote the current DSML V2 Draft Specification 14 to
a OASIS Directory Service Technical Committee Specification.

(Approve or Disapprove) ________

Ballot #2

I hereby approve to recommend that the DSML V2 Technical Committee
Specification, if approved,  be made an OASIS Standard and that the
chair of the Technical Committee is authorized to move the specification
forward along with the necessary items to OASIS as required.

(Approve or Disapprove) ________

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