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Subject: RE: [dss-comment] Public Comment


Thank you for your question, we appreciate you taking time to provide

Yes - DSS request/response may be digitally signed using XML Signatures.

The DSS Core specification is specified in a way that the exchanges may be
carried over a range of transport & security bindings.  The core includes
some optional bindings using HTTP Post or SOAP over TLS.  If required an
alternative binding using signature services can be defined as part of the
transport binding for a profile, for example using Web Security Services in
conjunction with SOAP.

Nick Pope /Juan Carlos co-chair OASIS Digital Signature Services

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> Sent: 25 January 2006 11:56
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> Comment from: wahaj.khan@ascertia.com
> Name: M Wahaj Khan
> Title: Wahaj
> Organization: Ascertia
> Regarding Specification: Can DSS request be digitally signed ?
> I have a question regarding DSS. Can a DSS request/response be 
> digitally signed using XML Signatures ? I have gone through the 
> DSS protocol but I couldn't find it. If its not there then I 
> think this is an important 
> functionality to add DSS Request/Responses thus providing authenticity.
> Regards,
> Wahaj
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