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Subject: RE: DSS-X: action #0041 [07-11-12-01] ... progress on ebXML profile


I believe that there are requirements in two areas, one is to produce a
profile for asynchronous transport using the ebXML SOAP extensions.  Which I
believe Pim is driving.

There is another to look at a gateway function to add SOAP signatures for
ebXML and potentially other applications.  I had proposed this.

I suggest that we separate them out.

 At the moment I do not have the effort to progress the second.  And unless
we have others indicating interest we put this on hold for the moment.

I do think, however, it is worth documenting both requirements.  I suggest
to simplify things we produce two requirements documents.  One from Pim, the
other I will try and do extracting what I have already written on this


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefan Drees [mailto:stefan@drees.name]
> Sent: 21 November 2007 09:11
> To: 'Nick Pope'
> Cc: dss-x; Stefan Drees
> Subject: DSS-X: action #0041 [07-11-12-01] ... progress on ebXML profile
> Dear Nick,
> in the last conference call it was agreed, that since there
> had been no further discussions on the mailing list with regard to the
> ebXML-Profile I should contact You, to find out plan for making progress
> on ebXML profile.
> Since that event, I noticed some input by Pim van der Eijk as documented
> in message URL=
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-
> x/email/archives/200711/msg00048.html
> conatining a link to an uploaded document URL=
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dss-
> x/download.php/26135/OASIS%20ebXML%20Messaging%20Transport%20Binding%20for
> %20Digital%20Signature%20Services%20v0%201%201.doc
> Pim announced in the above mentioned message, that he intends to attend
> the upcoming DSS TC meeting to discuss this.
> What do you think? Does this have an impact on the ebXML requirements
> document, or is this already a step based on the requorements profile?
> All the best,
> Stefan.
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