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Subject: Visual Signature Profile - Issues raised by Konrad

Hello Konrad,

The line was a bit noisy last week so I would like to try to summarize
the two issues that you raised.
There is a good chance that I misunderstood you so please correct me.
If there are more issues please tell me.

1 - Using the "Position" type to specify the location of the visible
signature inside a page as well as a sub-element within the visible

If I understand you, you claimed that the existing specification may not
be suitable for the general case and therefore we should specify
specific types for specific document types.

I would prefer at this point to try and find a solution that will fit
most of the "leading" document types and try to prove that indeed the
protocol is suitable. There are some changes required to be made in the
last draft.

2 - Using default values to ease the client that interact with the

I agree with that and will look for location that defaults can be used.
I would appreciate any help of identifying such location in the


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