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Subject: Strategy for the next meetings

Dear all,

Juan Carlos and me have revisited our workplan
(URL = http://wiki.oasis-open.org/dss-x/WorkPlan )
and have planned an intermediate meeting on monday,
where all three profiles that have been in focus
during the last months will be put on the table and
the group together with the editors can decide,
in which sequence these three profiles will be
pushed towards balloting in an optimal way.

A kind of a wrap-up meeting.

So may I ask all editors, to please reflect their schedules
and the state of their profile drafts, so that we
can work out the best sequence of steps on monday.

I, personally have the impression, that VisSig
has come quite far (with some open questions already
asked on the mailing list by Ezer).

And also the EncProf seems to be in good shape,
although I am still waiting for a list of
Conflicts/Addition-Proposals with/to the
core (hopefully empty).

There is probably a bit more left over to work out
in the regime of the IndivRep Profile. Am I right here?

All the best and a nice weekend,

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