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Subject: RE: [dss-x] [Fwd: RE: DSS-X: ACTION#105. New profile draft]

Dear colleagues,

We’ve been evaluating our current situation and the estimated plan, and it seems difficult for us to have the schema corresponding to the “signed response profile” and a new version of the document before mid June. 

Kind regards,

-------- Mensaje original --------
Asunto: RE: DSS-X: ACTION#105. New profile draft
Fecha: Mon, 4 May 2009 17:37:07 +0200
De: Marta Cruellas <mcruellas@catcert.net>
Para: Juan Carlos Cruellas <cruellas@ac.upc.edu>, <stefan@drees.name>
CC: Òscar Burgos <oburgos@catcert.net>
Referencias: <49EDFC91.5080704@ac.upc.edu>

Dear Juan Carlos and Stefan,

I’m sorry to communicate that nowadays we (Oscar and I) are involved in 
an unexpected but important-and-urgent task, assigned by our 
new boss.

This situation obliges us to reconsider the planning of the “signed 
response profile” - which was initially estimated to be circulated a 
couple of weeks ago…

From our point of view, there’s not much work to be done on it: write 
the (simple) schema, complete some descriptive text on the document, 
etc.  So, we’d like to have a draft version to be reviewed by the TC at 
the end of May / beginning of June.

But we’ll better confirm this planning during the next 2 or 3 days, 
depending on the planning of that other task.

Sorry for the inconveniences this may cause, and best regards,

-----Missatge original-----
De: Juan Carlos Cruellas [mailto:cruellas@ac.upc.edu]
Enviat: martes, 21 de abril de 2009 19:04
Per a: Marta Cruellas; Stefan Drees; Juan Carlos Cruellas
Tema: DSS-X: ACTION#105. New profile draft

Dear Marta,

Could it be possible for you to anticipate some date when you will have
been able to generate a new draft of the signed responses profile?

THank you very much for your help

Juan Carlos.

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