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Subject: Updated WSDL for DSS

Hi again,

rearding the WSDL topic here is an update :

Attached you can find a version including the recent versions of the verification report profile and the visual signature profile is now included, too.

Other minor changes :

RPC encoded binding dropped due to comments from Anthony Nadalin
Timestamp _is_ supported, as it doesn't need special operation definition



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Betreff: WSDL for DSS
Gesendet: Di, 21. Jul 2009
Von: Andreas Kuehne

Hi all,

as mantioned in the last conf call here is the wsdl we are using. For convenience the related schema files are included in the archive. 
Currently there is no support for timestamping, but for async processing. The visible signature profile is commented out due to problems with 'ItemValueStringType' ...



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