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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Funding request to IDTrust

Thank you very much indeed for this Andrea...on my side, I will also try to provide some ideas between today and tomorrow.


Juan Carlos.
El 06/11/12 20:57, Andreas Kuehne escribió:
Hi Juan Carlos,

I feel guilty for starting this so I'll make a draft and send it to the
Any ideas welcome, even vague ones!



Dee Schur reacted yesterday to my request of details...I copy her
answer below:


We do not have a template but that is a good idea! Just send along as
details as you can supply with a rough cost estimate as soon as possible.
Certainly, you will not know exact amount but do the best you can as an
estimate - we need to put it in the budget in the next week or so.
Take care,


May I suggest that we target at having something drafted before our
call next week so that we may polish it and agree at that call, and
submit the details next Tuesday?

If agreed, I think that we would need someone for drafting
something...I could spend some time, but not being the only one....



Juan Carlos.

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