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Subject: Re: [dss-x] Important: TSPs for generating and validating signatures Steering Group. OASIS DSS-X observer

Thank you very much Andreas,


Should I send you the logistics package for the ESI meeting?

Juan Carlos.
El 14/2/17 a las 15:20, Andreas Kuehne escribió:
Hi Juan Carlos,

thank you for all your effort you invested in this ESI / OASIS coordination!

I already got the invitation to the telco on Thursday from Sonia and
confirmed my attendance.

Regarding the ESI plenary: I will try attend the whole meeting.


Dear all,

I have been speaking with Sonia Compans, the Technical Officer of the
ESI TC regarding the rules that govern the membership of the Steering
Group that ESI has created for the activities related to TSPs for
generation and validation of signatures. At present, only the STF-524
is actually alive and it is dealing with TSPs for validating signatures.

According to the STF web pages, the Steering Group goal is " to assist
the Chairman in the management of the STF and to ensure a  better
liaison with the Member delegates, in-between TB/WG plenary meetings",
and as such I expect that what is commented and somehow decided there
will have a clear impact on the STF work.

According to Sonia, one member of the OASIS- DSS-X TC, previously
selected by the TC, can attend both the ESI plenaries and the Steering
Group aforementioned.

I have seen in the notes of the last meeting that Andreas has been
selected as observer by the TC.

The first meeting of the Steering Group will take place Thursday 16th
February (in two days time) starting at 14:00 CET. Sorry for the late
notification but I have got the confirmation that the observer could
attend this meeting few minutes ago.

The next ESI plenary meeting is scheduled to take place in Barcelona
from 14th March to 16th March, both inclusive.

May I suggest the following?

1. Andreas confirms whether he will be able to attend the Steering
group meeting aforementioned.

2. If so, I will send an email to Sonia introducing him, and
requesting that he is registered to the meeting (he can not make it by
himself as he does not have an ETSI account).

3. Andreas confirms whether he will be able to attend partly or
completely the ESI plenary in Barcelona. I could get information on
the scheduled slot for the discussions on the STF-524.

4. If so, I will send him a logistic package that is available for ESI
members, where he will find out information on accomodations, maps of
the meeting place, etc.

Best regards

Juan Carlos.

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