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Subject: Agenda for the conference call of Monday, September the 8th

Dear all, I copy below the agenda for the next conference
call as proposed by Nick. I have posted it in the oasis server, but it is
not sure that
the corresponding message will be automatically sent to the list 
due to the problems that it has suffered lately.
Nick will generate an update of the agenda including references
to the relevant documents by tomorrow.


Juan Carlos.


1. Welcome by chair.

2. Roll Call.

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Minutes of DSS TC phone conferences 11 & 25 Aug
4.1 Approval
4.2 Outstanding actions (see below)

5. Requirements Document
Requirements draft V12 is up for agreement

6. Core Document

6.1 Compound operations & process options

6.2 Sign

6.3 Validate

6.4 Time-stamping
(see issues raised by Tim Moses and subsequent discussion)

6.5 Implicit parameters

7 Object naming

8 Any other business

9 Close

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