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Subject: RE: [dss] Object naming guidelines

Trevor - You are right.  Sorry, I was being sloppy.  As you point out, we
need to draw a distinction between a version that has been recognized by the
TC as the sole basis for discussion and one that has not (yet) been accorded
that lofty status.

Another possibility is simply to use the contributor's name where otherwise
we would put 'wd'.  Hopefully no one with the family name 'Wd' will ever
make so bold as to participate in an OASIS TC.  What do you think?  I'll try
to issue a new version before the end of the day on Friday, then we can
(hopefully) close discussion on Monday.  All the best.  Tim.

-----Original Message-----
From: Trevor Perrin [mailto:trevp@trevp.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 6:39 PM
To: Tim Moses; 'DSS'
Subject: RE: [dss] Object naming guidelines


>- You are right, I haven't taken account of different kinds of draft: those
>that are recognized as committee drafts and those that are simply
>contributions.  We should deal with that.

I assume you don't mean "Committee Draft" in the official OASIS sense.  I 
was just talking about distinguishing:
  - Working Drafts which are TC consensus (i.e. Requirements Doc)
  - Working Drafts which are individual submissions

We could just tag names to the latter, i.e. "wd-moses", "wd-perrin"...


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