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ISSUE#5: OutputOptions

Short description: This element contains:
	-ReturnStandAloneSignature boolean, selfexplaining
	-ReturnDocumentWithSignature, boolean. I think that  this would indicate 
	that the requester wants to get a document enveloping the signature. The
	SignaturePlacement element would help in determining where exactly
	the signature would go.
	-TransformedDocuments: list of integers indicating those transformed
	the server should have to return. 
	-UntransformedDocuments: list of integers indicating which of the input
	would have to be returned untransformed.

My comments: 

	1. Again, I contend that all the elements related with options should go
within a root
	child element Options as in my proposal.

	2. If you accept my proposal made in my message on Issue#2 (see my proposal
	of definition of DocumentManipulations), then we have all the information
on what
	the relationship between ds:Siganture and the signed documents in that
	so ReturnDocumentWithSignature and ReturnStandAloneSignature ARE NOT

	3. I am not sure that the element UntransformedDocuments should be there. 
	I do not see rationale for that. I have
	not found such a requirement in the document (although perhaps I am
wrong). If it is
	not mentioned there, I propose to suppress it. 

	4. I propose to change the name of the child element of
TransformedDocuments to 
	Selector: it is shorter and it is precisely what the element is: a
selector of transformed
	documents to be returned. If in the end we keep the UntransformedDocuments
	I also propose to change the names of its child to Selector: it will be a
selector of
	untransformed documents, as indicated by its position as a child of
	there is no need to enlarge the name when it is already clear its semantics.	

I have now a meeting so I think that I will not be able to send more
messages on the rest of the issues.
I will go on tomorrow.....


Juan Carlos.

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