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dss message

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At 09:26 AM 9/9/2003 +0200, Juan Carlos Cruellas wrote:

>Dear all,
>After the closure of yesterday's conference call Nick, Ed, Trevor and myself
>continued talking to detail how to proceed in order to set up the discussions
>that eventually would lead to an agreement on the XML schema for the
>signing request message. As you will remember it was agreed that the
>discussions would take place through messages sent to the list, so that
>all the members of the TC could give their feedback.
>It was agreed to launch one discussion thread for EACH identified issue, just
>to avoid extremelly large messages with lots of issues discussed inside.

Thanks for kicking this off.

Could we ignore questions of grouping and naming for the moment, and just 
look at differences in content?  Once those are decided, we can work on 
choosing good names and arranging things.

On the hope this is acceptable, I'm just going to respond to parts of your 


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