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Subject: Re: [dss] full schema for signing request, dss-proposal-rsalz-02.xsd

At 12:10 AM 9/18/2003 -0400, Rich Salz wrote:

>I knocked most of this off earlier, but then I ran it through IBM's
>schema quality checker which found various typo's, etc.
>Looking forward to feedback.

Just looking at the dss:Documents, and comparing it to InputDocuments -
  - should you send a value for dsig:Reference/@Type on each dss:Document?
  - should you include Transforms on each dss:Document, to indicate 
transforms that have already been performed client-side?  These might be 
hard to squeeze in an a dss:Parameter later, so they should probably be 
part of dss:Documents.
  - you include a value for the server to use as a dsig:Reference/@Id.  I 
think this would be better as part of dss:Property, if it's necessary at 
all, since this is part of the Reference, not the document.
  - If you're sending the URI and Type attributes for each dsig:Reference, 
and Transforms, then it's probably unnecessary for <PreDigested> to include 
the entire dsig:Reference.  You could just send DigestMethod/DigestValue.


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