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Subject: Groups - Conference call modified

Conference call has been modified by Juan Carlos Cruellas (cruellas@ac.upc.es).

Event description:
DSS Conference call

The conference call details are:
Dial in number: +1 613 688 3270
Passcode: 694 009#

 Digital Signature Services Technical Committee Conference call
 22 September 2003

 1. Welcome by chair.

 2. Person for taking minutes of the meeting

 3. Roll Call.

 4. Approval of Agenda

 5. Minutes of DSS TC Face to Face Meeting 8 September 2003 Krishna

 5.1 Approval
 5.2 Outstanding actions (see below)

 6. Core Schema & Extensions
6.1 Separating Basic Core from Extension - Basic approach

and following exchanges with regards to this issue, including
proposals for XML schemas.

6.2 Discussion on what is in core & Extensions

(Including time-stamp options from Ed & encapsulted subset of data.)

6.3 Extension mechanism

6.4 Short term plan

6.5 Implicit parameters
7. Any other business

8. Close


 Action 17: Nick to send text to list acknowledging that the XKMS response
 meets our needs;
 then will forward to XKMS group. Since no one had any problems with the
 response Nick drafted, he will forward his
 response to the XKMS group.

 Action  20. Krishna Yellepeddy to send a note to list regarding Requestor
 (section 3.3.2) in DSS Use Case Requirements  Analysis document. He will
 elaborate  on the different kinds of names from X.509 certificate that a
 DSS would need to handle.

 Action 21:  John  Messing to send a note to list describing   the approach
 for electronic
  filing and signing and verification  of documents  to be adopted by
 Federal and state courts.

Date:  Monday, 22 September 2003
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm Eastern Time

View event details:

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