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Subject: another schema

This schema has a "minimal core", and an <Options> where anything else can 
be stuffed in.  The currently defined options are:
  - RequestID
  - ApplicationProfile
  - ClaimedIdentity
  - SignatureTimestamp - if present, a timestamp over the signature is added
  - ContentTimestamp - " "  over the content is added
  - KeySelector - which key to use
  - ReturnDocumentWithSignature - instructs the server to insert signature 
into a document and return that document
  - SignatureProperties - Signed/Unsigned properties to add to signature


		<SignedReference WhichInputDocument="A"/>
		<SignedReference WhichInputDocument="B"/>
		<Document ID="A">
			<Data MimeType="text/xml">fQgRO4g3SXI=</Data>
		<DocumentURI ID="B">

The last emails between Rich and I mention some features of this that might 
be controversial.  Other opinions or different ideas or approaches or 
anything are welcome..



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