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Subject: RE: [ebcore] EbCORE meeting Friday?

Kathryn, Dale, Pim,


Pim and I had exchanged some emails (Dale, you weren't cc'd on these, I think), indicating that the January 13th meeting might be a good opportunity to discuss CPPA, in particular in the Intercloud use case context.  As I'd mentioned in private emails, that updated use case is posted now in a new working draft of the Id-Cloud Use Cases document, expected soon to become a v2 Committee Note Draft.  This rewrite aligns terminology better with CPPA, as well as pointing to some aspects that may relate to OAuth regarding authorization and token exchange, as well as broader Intercloud trust framework issues.


Pim, given our earlier emails, and your comments about possible upcoming CPPA work, does this seem like a good idea to you?


Best regards,



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Subject: [ebcore] EbCORE meeting Friday?


I have not seen any items for an agenda in the email, so assume we should cancel. Please let me know if there are items to discuss.


Our next regularly scheduled monthly telecon would be January 13th at 11:00 am Pacific Time. I will be out of the country for the month of January, visiting my son and his family in Kenya (and meeting my new grandson expected at the end of December!).


I can set up the telecon so it is ready to go for a call on January 13th. I fly out on January 7th, so Dale, please let me know before then if you would like me to set it up.


Happy holidays to all!





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