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Subject: front page


Our front page states:

" The purpose of the TC is to continue work on the ebXML Technical 
Architecture to bring it from v1.04 to a more current architecture that 
takes into account both subsequent releases of the ebXML specifications 
and other Web Services and service-oriented architecture works."

I would like us to consider rewording it to be more reflective of our 
charter and our work.  IMO - the sentence above does NOT accurately 
capture the work we are doing.

"The purpose of the TC is to develop an eBusiness Service Oriented 
Architecture (eb SOA) that takes into account Web Service standards, 
ebXML and other service-oriented architecture works.  The eb SOA 
specification will be expressed as a combination of a normative 
specification and a catalog of architectural patterns.  The intent is to 
capture the patterns of SOA specific to the requirements of global 
electronic business."

I do not believe the second statement requires that we reword our 
charter and is in fact more accurate to what our charter and mandates are.

I would like to propose a discussion of this during our next conference 
call Wednesday September 22, followed possibly by a vote.


Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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