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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] RE: [ebsoa] Re: [ebxml-bp] Re: [ebsoa] Re: [ebxml-bp]Closing the gap between MSI and BSI and move on

Matthew MacKenzie wrote:

> I always wanted to at least start this work as a JSR.    I'd really 
> prefer some concrete specifications, as oposed to an abstract spec 
> with n different flavors.  Most of the MSHs in production are written 
> in Java.
> If anyone wants to participate in such a JSR (and are JCP members), 
> let me know.

mm1: I suggest you look at JSR 208, Java (tm) Business Integration. It 
is very close to what you seek. Thanks.

> -Matt
> Sacha Schlegel wrote:
>>I would like to see a standardized BSH-MSH interface just to enable
>>ebXML endusers to pick implementations. Or if we have today 30 MSH
>>implementations and maybe 0 BSH you cannot choose from the 30 but you
>>have to go with one which provides BSH functionalities (I made up the
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