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Subject: [ebxml-jc] 4/12/2005: ebXML JC Call 13 April 2005 - Teams welcome

Next JC Meeting set for 13 April 2005

Date:  Wednesday, 13 April 2005
Time:  07:30am - 08:30am PT

Event Description:
Toll-free (US): 1-877-330-9868, hit ** and when prompted 09868#.
Toll-paid: 909-472-3386, enter 877-330-9868 when prompted. Refer to Toll-free instructions above to complete.

1. Lightning Round session updates for OASIS Symposium.
2. White paper outline update
a. Still pending ebMS update from Ian Jones.
b. Inquiry to UBL team 12 April 2005 (for CC).
3. Status summary update
4. Other business

Meeting Minutes for 30 March 2005 attached

ebXML JC Meeting 30 March 2005



1. Update on status summary. 
Martin: No response yet from Jamie Clark.
Suggestion to send inquiry to Clark and Carol Geyer.

ACTION: Martin - Send inquiry to Clark and Geyer.
Email sent to Clark and Geyer, cc: to ebxml-jc, 12 April 2005.

2. Update on technical white paper outline. 
Martin: Received RegRep inputs.
Breininger: For ebRIM and ebRS, OASIS review and vote on 1 April 2005 for 15-day review period.

ACTION: Martin- Update status summary at end of April 2005.

CC and architecture overview 
Martin: Summarized updates on technical white paper outline. See (a) and (b) above.
Hardin: Non-normative technical architecture - Should I use this outline as input for ebSOA?
Moberg: Available for your use. Level of detail may differ.
Hardin: Will plan to restructure existing architecture document and begin to pattern sections as in this outline.
ebSOA will assist with architecture.
Martin: What about CC?
Suggestion to ask Crawford or Bosak.

ACTION: Martin - Ask.
Email sent 12 April 2005.

Do we wish to consider a business scenario to show how the specifications may be used together? 
Martin: Do we use a scenario?
Moberg: ebXML driven by business requirements - technology serving business. A scenario may or may not be advised.
May not need all components for business scenario to be enabled.
Breininger: Not imply that this is the only business case or scenario.
Martin: Put scenario at the end then?
Team: Agreed.
Martin: Could also interject UBL and OAGIS.
Hardin: Could also reference other than ebXML specs in ebSOA?
Martin: This is already handled in outline.
Moberg: ebMS v3.0 is an example - analog to other web servics specifications is an example.
Connections could be pointed out. The white paper should not do much compare and contrast that may be relevant to ebSOA.
Jones: Good ebSOA is taking this on as an activity.
Martin: Need your input for the technical outline, Ian.
It has not been determined what influence SOA-RM will have in the near-term.

3. Invitation to Hardin to join ebxml-jc

Motion: Moberg - ebSOA/Hardin to join ebxml-jc
Jones - second
No objections.

3. OASIS Symposium - Lightning Round sessions 

Reference from Jane Harnad:
TC LIGHTNING ROUNDS - 26 April beginning at 4:45 PM
As you all know, the Symposium will feature TC Lightning Round Updates. It will promise to be a great opportunity to 
educate the members, potential members, and the OASIS Board of Directors on what your TC has accomplished. Each TC should
designate one representative to deliver a short (3-4 slides/2-3 minute) presentation. Once your TC has designated this
representative, please forward their name and contact information directly to me at jane.harnad@oasis-open.org. If a TC
representative will not be present at the event, we ask that you please provide materials for an OASIS staff person in
advance. Note: A TC representative or OASIS staff person will speak on behalf of each OASIS TC during this Lightning Round

Breininger: What's going on and status.
Jones: Challenge will be people attending to present.
Hardin: Likely will not attend.

Martin: Suggest we put our slides on ebxml-jc list just for information.

ACTION: Martin - Post briefs to ebxml-jc list.
Uploaded to the site 12 April 2005 and referenced in meeting notice.

Hardin: Opportunity to turn light to ebXML. Turn up energy.

4. Update on ebBP-CPA alignment 
Martin: Much good progress made - negotiation example, alignment for CPA v2.1 and ebBP v2.0.
Moberg: Solved outstanding issues. Won't necessitate any ebMS v2.0 changes.
Consolidate once we have a clearer perspective to ebMS v3.0. Use WSDL with ebMS now.
Martin: ebSOA may be interested in our more detailed summary of Messaging Service Interface and BSI.
Moberg: Abstract problem and address there with an abstract concept.
Hardin: Requirement that message payload be in SOAP body - attachment.
Moberg: WSDL v1.1 there is a MIME binding that explains how to put message parts in message. MIME binding is not general enough
to describe all that is required; has interop issues. Disallowed WS-I.
Compatibility issue exists.
WSDL v2.0 has dispensed with messages and parts - complex technically.

ACTION: Martin - Provide summary to Hardin.
Email sent 12 April 2005.

5. Other business
Next meeting will be 12 April 2005.

1. ebXML adoption initiative - and user community requirements channeling - Status

Link to white paper and status summary (of specification development and adoption proliferation).

Martin: Asked team members to review. 
Jones: Looks good for ebMS.

ACTION: Any updates from Jones for ebMS.
Email inquiry sent 29 March 2005.

Breininger: TC process goes into effect 15 April 2005. Need to know how to handle if in middle of the process using new TC process.
Durand: No changes required.
Moberg: What about CC and architecture? We could mention the transaction types are being used for ebXML - OASIS BoDs and UBL for example.
This relates to ebXML Core Components (UBL is compatible with these).

ACTION: Martin-Query John Hardin and Jamie Clark on this item for architecture.
Email sent 29 March 2005.

Team: Discussion was to integrate CC and architecture overview into the white paper outline and status summary.

Moberg: Received a question from the medical industry - SAML and Registry. Is this a part of ebMS v3.0 or WS-Security with a SAML profile?
This industry appears to be moving data with SAML and Liberty. Passed this information to Najmi for registry.
Still trying to understand if any messaging requirements exist.
Will bring to the JC when more information is available.

2. Update on integration and functional separation between specs - e.g. ebBP and CPPA alignment (Martin)

Martin: ebBP and CPPA working on Action-Service-Context-Role and Operation Mapping.
Moberg: Need editor for negotiation specification.
Martin: Discovery via a registry is another touchpoint. More updates will be provided as work progresses.

3. White paper (Martin): White paper update (brief) sent to list 15 March 2005. Work with ebSOA.

Martin: Still open for messaging.
Durand: This doesn't need to be well-polished but visible information about the specifications, adoption and use.
In flux right now with ebMS v3.0.
Martin: Should we take this in the context of a business scenario?
Moberg: Online and downloadable.
Martin: Discuss in more substance next time.

4. Other business
a. Continue ebSOA-JC collaboration.
Breininger: Need to invite John Hardin to attend from ebSOA and then approve.
Durand: Yes, that is the process.

Action: Provide invitation to Hardin. Then we can approve his participation.
Email sent and invitation accepted 29 March 2005.

b. Other items: OASIS symposium: Status updates.

Martin and Moberg will not; Jones has no commitment. Not sure where ebMS TC is going and may have F2F shortly
thereafter.  Durand and Breininger will attend. ebBP and IIC hoped to discuss ebBP test assertions.

Use of IIC framework
Durand: NIST implementation is available (test driver): ebxmltesting.nist.gov
Interest from Oracle, RosettaNet (MMS project), and Sonic in using this (uncertain with what transport).
ebXML Asia interested in using test framework for conformance testing (using NIST test driver).

Breininger: Ended public review period for Reg/Rep. Seven minor comments received and resolved.
TC approved all the comment resolution, the specifications are Committee Drafts and promotion to OASIS Standard
candidates. Compiling and sent submission package.
Distribute to OASIS membership for two weeks 1 April and then seek vote.
May be approved by 30 April 2005 (projected).

Durand: Info for white paper and status summary

Advise on what the correct questions are.

Doesn't write properly into Outlook.
Kavi calendar notice, vCalendar request.
Query Scott McGrath
Send notice re: concern.

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