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Subject: events and agents as defined in an ebSOA

I would like to start a conversation on the list re: the agent architecture, as 
proposed in the Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture approach.

Thanks to Goran, Vasco and the ebXMLsoft team for creating the presentation 
attached, and to David Webber and Dan Pattyn for pointing me to the BCM material.

I think that there are several inputs that we can include to round out the ideas 
of a non-intrusive, event-driven agent model. Opinions are requested from the 
group on these, and preferences for how to specify the agent mechanisms using a 
combination of the approaches here:

- The Agent Framework is described in the attached BCM / FERA presentation. 
There is a lot of good material here, however, we need to make sure that we are 
re-using stable OASIS specs where possible. I would like to map the 
specifications mentioned in the presentation to the existing specs.

- The BCM Linking and Switching as a mechanism to bind to the agent framework

- Possibly including JXTA concepts, where possible, as they describe peering 
between components and applications. http://www.jxta.org/JXTAFAQ.html

- Complex Event Processing, using the concepts outlined by David Luckham: From 

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is an emerging technology for building and 
managing information systems including:

     * Business Activity Monitoring
     * Business Process Management
     * Enterprise Application Integration
     * Event-Driven Architectures
     * Application Servers and Middleware
     * Network and Systems Security

john c hardin
Chair, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee
313.279.1377 new *VONAGE* number

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962


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