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Subject: hearty thanks to Dale, Goran and Vasco; forward movement

ebSOA'ers - -

I want to make an official announcement that we are finally past the approval 
stage on the donation and adoption of the Federated Enterprise Reference 

Several of us have finally gotten the "aha!" moment and I believe that soon we 
will have an outline for editing the Technical Architecture 2.0 that will give 
the industry a galvanizing set of components around which to rally.

On that note, I want to provide a hearty thanks to Goran Zugic, Vasco Drecun, 
and especially to Dale Castle, whose soft insistence and great patience kept 
presenting the material to me and others, until the light came on.

The language of "information models" works well in the context of the 
registry/repository for ebXML. Now we have a set of well-named "information 
models" coming out of the ebXMLsoft / CPDAssociates group's FERA materials, that 
we can assign to the Tech Arch 2.0.

You will see in the outline attached here several <assignment/> tags, inside of 
which there are individual names or group names. There are a large number of 
unassigned headings and subheadings. Please review the outline and email the 
group if you would like to take a heading or subheading for editing purposes. 
Also in the top of the document is the list of editors. If you don't find your 
name there, but want it there, email me and the group.

I have assigned the ebXMLsoft group with the task of assigning the FERA 
information model headings to section 7. Also please feel free to add FERA terms 
anywhere else in the document.

Hamid - you got the section 1, Overview.

Dan Pattyn - you got the section 2 Status of Standards.

The document is very high level. I look for the editors group to discuss, in the 
ebSOA email list, additions in each of the sections.

I also request that in the interest of sanity, that after each section has an 
owner, that you create a version of the document that has your name in the 
filename, and then take care not to edit another persons' section in your own 
version of the document. If each person edits their own section and makes 
suggestions for other sections in the discussion list, we MAY avoid the horrible 
consequence of overwriting each others' changes.

The other option is the CVS record locking checkin/checkout model. Which doesn't 
work for me because we need to work in parallel.

So ---- Let's KICK THIS THING OFF, and get some activity on the outline.


John Hardin
CTO - MedAccessPlus Health Informatics Network
313.279.1377 office

Chair, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 
         Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962


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