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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum planning


There are more OASIS TCs which we should contact and see how to work 
together and be on the same page with regards to some basic architectural 
principles. Definitely SOA RM is one of them. SOA RM TC is getting through 
the draft development right now changing it and extending it as we speak. I 
do not think that we can do any "mapping" between our specs until the SOA RM 
comes with the more complete spec in place. It does not mean that we should 
not start our communication and discussions with SOA RM TC and also all 
other TCs which work we might reference and use in our SOA specs. As I 
mentioned and initiated few contacts before (UBL, ebXML BP, ebXML Registry, 
and others) at least we should start talking to these and other TCs (both 
Web Services and ebXML) which already have approved specs that are already 
referenced in the SOA architectural specs we are working on. I agree with 
Sally on this.

I mentioned to Patrick Gannon and James Clark when I had a conf call with 
them last week the importance of the standard convergence as one of the key 
principles of our solution and I ask for their help in approaching other TCs 
and presenting FERA-based SOA to them. An important step in a "To-Do" list 
that James sent after that is that OASIS will plan this Autumn to explore 
and discuss other related OASIS TCs where Semantion's FERA-based SOA work 
may be usefully relevant. This is great, I am very excited now and I hope 
that the work of many OASIS TCs will gradually converge in a form of the 
architectural components we reference and fully support in our SOA 

I explained before that ebXMLsoft is the old name of the company. We do not 
use it anymore.


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Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 1:39 PM
Subject: Re: [ebsoa] InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum planning

> Let's move this discussion out to the list at large. I have included the
> listserv on this copy.
> John Hardin wrote:
>> CPD Assoc. and ebXMLsoft team -
>> These two documents look very complete from a FERA based SOA solution
>> viewpoint, although I am assuming that the other documents are the
>> missing information models (we have SOA IM document so far). So I am
>> confident that given the quality here that the other IM documents will be
>> as well done and complete.
>> What I am concerned about is that we begin to understand the SOA-RM
>> materials so that we can draw mappings between the two approaches.
>> Ideally I believe that we should be able to reference the SOA-RM abstract
>> concepts in each of the sections where appropriate within the context of
>> the Run Time SOA.
>> Has anyone given thought to this?
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