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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum planning

     Thanks; keeping it in the TC list will ensure hat it remains available 
to members and the public.
     Also, can someone tell us (OASIS staff, esp. our Carol Geyer) if the 
TC is planning anything at the InfoWorld event?  Thanks & regards  JBC

At 10:39 AM 9/13/2005, John Hardin wrote:
>Let's move this discussion out to the list at large. I have included the 
>listserv on this copy.
>John Hardin wrote:
>>CPD Assoc. and ebXMLsoft team -
>>These two documents look very complete from a FERA based SOA solution 
>>viewpoint, although I am assuming that the other documents are the 
>>missing information models (we have SOA IM document so far). So I am 
>>confident that given the quality here that the other IM documents will be 
>>as well done and complete.
>>What I am concerned about is that we begin to understand the SOA-RM 
>>materials so that we can draw mappings between the two approaches. 
>>Ideally I believe that we should be able to reference the SOA-RM abstract 
>>concepts in each of the sections where appropriate within the context of 
>>the Run Time SOA.
>>Has anyone given thought to this?

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