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Subject: RE: Public Comment

I don't think they are competing though the latest draft of BPEL shows
almost 100% commitment to B2B rather than private processes. You may
want to double check this statement with the BPEL TC directly. 

There are really three levels to the problem, as I see it

Collaboration (OASIS ebBP/BPSS)
Choreography (W3C/WS-CDL)
Orchestration (OASIS/WS-BEPL)

If you look at trivial examples, all those levels are overlapping. If
you look at real-world examples all levels are needed. BPSS and WS-CDL
can support very complex interactions while BPEL cannot model very
efficiently multiparty collaboration because it is taking the point of
view of one side. If what you are trying to model is very basic (2
parties you could go with BPEL).

The BPSS team is working actively to see if layering is possible on top
of WS-CDL. We have started to give some feedback to the WS-CDL team as
this spec is in draft mode. Basically, WS-CDL and BPEL does not have any
business semantics, nor do they care about state alignment. BPSS offers
a "business transaction protocol" that supports non-repudiation and
state alignment in an interoperable way. You can always do that in
WS-CDL and BPEL between two parties, if the two parties agree that a
particular message means non-repudiation, or guarantees state alignment.
If you don't need either (I'd be surprised if you can live without state
alignment) you should probably go with WS-CDL.

If you need to model complex interactions that require business
semantics and state alignment, BPSS is your only choice today.

You can find more information on these articles I wrote:





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Comment from: jesmonda@maltanet.net


I am in the process of analysing the ebXML standard/s for implementing
an e-Commerce application. I have a question regarding the ebXML BPSS
spec. in relation to the BPEL/BPEL4WS spec., are these competing
If yes, what is the position of OASIS since I believe there is a TC on
this initiative.

Best regards,

Jesmond Abela
e-BusCon Ltd.

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